Why Artificial Grass Is the Perfect Playground Surface in Indiana

At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial playground grass provides a perfect surface for playgrounds and play areas in Indianapolis, IN, and other Indiana communities. When you build a playground, you probably go through a process of elimination when it comes to the surface or materials that will be used to design it. At SYNLawn Indiana, we believe that our artificial playground turf is an exceptional option for any playground flooring surface. Playgrounds are designed with a variety of materials; however, the vast majority of them are abrasive, potentially harmful, and simply uncomfortable. Our Indiana artificial turf for playgrounds gives your children a safer, cleaner, and more durable surface to play, burn off energy, explore with friends, and play pick-up games of their favorite sports. With SYNLawn Indiana synthetic playground grass, you gain peace of mind from our exceptionally high safety standards, time and money saved on maintenance, and positive environmental impact.

SYNLawn® Indiana Playground Turf Puts Your Child’s Safety First

SYNLawn Indiana playground surfaces are safer for all ages, but as parents, we know that it is especially important to protect our younger children when they go out to play. In response, we went to the drawing board to ensure that we could offer antimicrobial artificial turf products that meet stringent safety standards. Within our turf fibers, we are able to implement this antimicrobial technology that works to eliminate and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold from the playground flooring surface.

artificial grass install for school playground

Additionally, our Indiana playground systems are IPEMA certified. They are independently laboratory tested to meet fall attenuation. Our products are also ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible. As such, our playground turf will not shift on impact allowing for easy travel because no one should miss out on the fun. In addition, abrasive surfaces like pea gravel, sand, or rubber that leave behind a black crumb can be harsh on the skin, cause common injuries, choking hazards, and can lead to infections. SYNLawn Indiana artificial turf for playgrounds removes and reduces these hazards by providing a shock-absorbing surface that helps prevent injuries, aids in removing choking hazards, and is much cleaner than the alternatives.

SYNLawn Indiana also offers TrampleZones®. These are low-pile height turf pads under swings, jungle gyms, and slide exits. Perfect for places with heavy friction that require increased durability. TrampleZones® help elongate the life of your Indiana playground turf installation.

  • HeatBlock™ technology keeps surfaces temperatures 20% cooler than competing turf brands and won’t burn children’s feet or hands
  • Protection against falls up to 10 feet
  • Meets HIC (Head Injury Criteria)
  • ADA Compliant
  • Unrivaled durability under heavy foot traffic
Indiana playground built with synlawn artificial turf

Indiana Artificial Grass is Low-Maintenance and Exceptionally Durable

Whether you are designing a commercial or residential playground, maintenance is always a key factor kept in mind by our customers. Fortunately, at SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial playground grass does not require any traditional maintenance. Instead, your playground will be available for use all year long without having to lift a finger to keep it looking luxurious. Our customers cut their water bills and eliminate their need for maintenance crews and costly repairs with our turf. 

Plus, our SYNLawn synthetic grass offers superior durability to heavy foot traffic as well as high-intensity athletics. Our dense thatch holds turf fibers in an upright position to ensure its elegant appearance. In addition, our products offer maximum drainage thanks to our exclusive EnviroLoc+ backing system. This not only allows for use even after getting wet, it means that your soil will remain healthy underneath your installation.

SYNLawn® Products are Environmentally Sustainable

Our environmentally conscious customers love our Indiana artificial grass for schools and playgrounds because they also promote environmental sustainability. At SYNLawn Indiana, our products help conserve thousands of gallons of water, reduce substantial amounts of carbon emissions, and reduce the likelihood of ending up in a landfill. With the help of US soy farmers, we can effectively replace more than 60-80% of petroleum-based components from our products with renewable soybeans and other bio-based materials. It is also with their help that we became the first and only company to offer a growing catalog of USDA-certified faux grass options. As a leader in our industry, we feel we have a responsibility to continue exploring the potential of eco-friendly environments.

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Keep your children safer and your landscape intact with SYNLawn Indiana and our artificial playground turf systems in Indianapolis, IN. Enjoy the luxurious appearances and behaviors of conventional grass year-round and take comfort in your child’s safety. At SYNLawn Indiana, our team offers affordable pricing with payment options available. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most precise installations and the highest level of customer service. 

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