Enjoy Beautiful Lawns All Year Round with Artificial Grass in Indiana

Here at SYNLawn Indiana, we offer artificial grass in Indianapolis, IN to help home and business owners enjoy beautiful lawns all year round. We are not strangers to the changing seasons, our busy lives, and many other factors that play into our lawn’s appearance. Fortunately, our Indiana artificial turf is making it easy to achieve your luxury lawn goals. SYNLawn has long been the largest manufacturer and distributor of synthetic grass and has more than two decades of experience transforming residential and commercial landscapes with grass alternatives that remain luscious and vibrant through rain and shine, heavy foot traffic, and more.

The Low-Maintenance Benefits of Indiana Artificial Turf

Home and business owners in Indianapolis and other Indiana communities do not always have the time to dedicate to lawn maintenance. This could be a result of busy schedules, work, family events, or maybe you are under the weather. In addition, paying for a maintenance crew does not fit every budget. Fortunately, our mission at SYNLawn Indiana is to provide ultra-realistic, eco-friendly artificial turf to the residential and commercial property owners of Indiana and transform their landscapes with safer, cleaner, and greener synthetic grass lawns.

From the moment your installation is complete, you will cut your water bill since a significant portion of residential or commercial water usage can be attributed to lawn watering. You can also say goodbye to lawn equipment that not only takes up space but can be harmful to the environment as a result of carbon emissions.

SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass is also perfect for children and pets that love to play outdoors. This is because our products provide optimal drainage to prevent grass stains and remove mud from the equation, so you are less likely to see it in your house or business again.

Do Your Part to Promote Environmental Sustainability with SYNLawn®

At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial grass goes above and beyond the competing brands and their attempts at being earth-friendly. This is due to our partnership with US soy farmers and their help in replacing harmful petroleum with renewable resources, including soybeans, soybean oil, sugar cane, and more. As a result, our products are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance and can be recycled for future installation projects rather than ending their life cycle in a local landfill.

Exclusive SYNLawn Technologies Increase Your Longevity and Comfortability

In our many decades of experience, we have devoted countless hours of research and development to innovating our products and creating new technologies that continue to disrupt our competition. For example, our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology is a molecularly bound antimicrobial, anti-static, and IR reflective technology that will help keep your lawn free of bacteria, prevent static shock, and resist fading. 

In addition, our plant-based EnviroLoc+™, which you can see at the bottom of your green installation, locks in turf fibers to prevent shedding, which maximizes your drainage. EnviroLoc+ also keeps unwanted pests or even your own pets from digging through your lawn. 

Finally, we all want to be able to make use of our landscape year-round, and sometimes this can be difficult if it is uncomfortable due to the summer heat. Fortunately, we offer products that include our HeatBlock™ technology. This scientifically proven technology helps keep your landscape cooler than any other brand – regardless of blazing temperatures.

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SYNLawn Indiana explores the numerous possibilities of our artificial grass, and the reality is that we have only just begun for lawns in Indianapolis, IN. Our industry is exploding with new possibilities, and as we continue to explore them, we will continue to change the game for homes, businesses, and more on nearly any budget.

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