Artificial Grass Installations in Noblesville, IN

SYNLawn® Indiana is pleased to provide the highest-quality artificial grass products for both residential and commercial applications in Noblesville, IN.

We take pride in designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality fake grass products ranging from golf putting greens to residential landscaping. To save time and money, reduce your water use and remove the need for fertilizer and mowing. We provide a diverse choice of fake grass products for commercial and residential applications, including:

  • Indiana pet turf and dog runs
  • Putting greens and full courses
  • Playground grass
  • Sports field installation
  • Synthetic grass lawns
  • Hotel lawns and courtyards
  • Artificial grass decks and pools, and more

Our one-of-a-kind, stunningly-lifelike Noblesville synthetic turf replicates the look and feel of natural sod without the difficulties and costs associated with grass maintenance. Every SYNLawn® customer is provided with a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Every day, our professional design and installation teams connect with you, and no work is too big or too little for them. Consistent communication ensures that your vision is fully realized in the end product.

In addition, SYNLawn® artificial grass includes exclusive innovations and benefits including:

  • Made in the USA
  • Pet and kid-friendly
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Super Yarn™ technology
  • Omega technology: Provides long-lasting blade integrity
  • EnviroLoc™ backing: Multi-layered backing system that locks-in turf fibers to extend the life of SYNLawn® products
  • BioCel™ technology: Soy-based backing that replaces the majority of petroleum found in standard turf backing
  • Optimal drainage: Maximum drainage allows for immediate use after it rains

Noblesville, IN Professional Golf Greens

Golf greens from SYNLawn®, make it easier than ever to spend relaxing time outside. Our skilled professionals will work with you to build a golf course-themed putting green in your backyard, your employee lounge, and more that remains in top quality and appearance all year long. SYNLawn® will collaborate with you to design the ideal putting green for your living space, combining your vision with our technological expertise to make your dream a reality. We partnered with world-renowned golf coach Dave Pelz to ensure that Noblesville golf greens provide PGA-caliber performance and superior durability.

  • Realistic putt with a very true ball roll, ball bounce, and slow down properties
  • Extremely durable surface for chipping on
  • No water can settle beneath the putting green turf and wash the base out
  • Effective drains in each cup prevent backfill of water and mold
  • Ability to install LED cup lights, bunkers, sand traps, slopes, and more
  • Engineered by an ex-NASA engineer to imitate natural grass as close as possible

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Previous Projects

Low-Maintenance Noblesville Pet Grass

SYNLawn® artificial pet turf is the most durable and long-lasting pet-friendly lawn product ever manufactured. Thanks to our Super Yarn™ technology and strong, odor-controlling top treatments, SYNLawn® provides a stain and odor-resistant lawn that requires little care and is very easy to maintain. Super Yarn® contains an antibacterial component that aids in the cleanliness of your lawn by decreasing pet odors and germs. EnviroLoc™ backing technology is a multi-layered grass backing made of soybean oil that minimizes shedding by keeping turf fibers in place. It significantly extends the material’s lifetime by keeping pets and other animals from burrowing through it. With sugar cane turf fibers and a soybean oil backing system, you can trust that SYNLawn® will create a safe outdoor environment for your pets.

Playground Systems That Keep Our Children Safe

The process of designing SYNLawn® Indiana playground grass begins with safety. We create surfaces that can endure significant foot traffic and injuries. Our ADA and IPEMA-certified playground systems will accomplish just that. Noblesville playground turf systems are wheelchair accessible and will not shift over time. Sanitized® Antimicrobial technology is also included in our artificial playgrounds, which inhibits the spread of germs and infection while also reducing odors generated by bacteria and pet waste.

  • ATSM Certified E-108 Class A Fire-Rated Turf
  • The addition of more usable living space
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications
  • IR Reflective Technology helps keep temperatures low
  • Built to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Virtually maintenance-free requires less maintenance than other surfaces
artificial grass, vistafolia artificial green walls near me

Noblesville Artificial Living Walls

Consider how you may use a beautiful plant wall in your home or business. VistaFolia® artificial plant walls leave a lasting impact. Noblesville vertical gardens provide the appearance of a genuine plant wall yet require no care. There is no need for time-consuming pruning and trimming, as well as messy irrigating. Instead, your custom installation is made up of high-resolution, low-maintenance plant wall panels. Each installation is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage and offers long-term UV protection. Impress your guests and clients while having fun. You may enjoy your lush green, super-realistic synthetic artificial turf every day of the year.

Roof, Deck, and Patio Turf in Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville rooftop, deck, and patio grass provide cooler surfaces, more inviting lounge areas, and more beautiful outdoor living spaces. SYNLawn® patio grass looks and feels like a genuine lawn without the hassle of mowing, trimming, watering, or reseeding. With little care needs, you’ll have more time to enjoy your landscape and more money in your pocket. Our unique turf technologies Super Yarn™, EnviroLoc™, and HeatBlock™ technology are some of the many advantages of SYNLawn® rooftop artificial grass.

SYNLawn® works with private schools, school districts, colleges, architects, landscape designers, and others to make playgrounds, businesses, and residences safer, cleaner, and more reliable. Our partnership with US soy farmers additionally has allowed us to manufacture the most eco-friendly Noblesville synthetic grass available with the largest collection of USDA-certified options. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about all of our products and services!

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