Artificial Grass for Apartment Complexes in Indianapolis, IN

Apartments in Indianapolis, Indiana are installing artificial grass in unprecedented numbers. Apartment complexes are looking for ways to avoid the high cost of maintaining natural grass lawns. Artificial turf is a practical, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly solution.

Why Indiana Apartment Complexes Need to Switch to Artificial Turf

Artificial grass designed for apartment buildings looks manicured all year round and saves money in many ways. Little to no water is needed, little to no maintenance is required, and it’s always green and inviting.

Conserve Water

Given Indiana’s climate, synthetic turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass. This is especially true since maintaining a tidy lawn may be pretty costly. Experts say most organizations spend more than a third of their water on lawn care, most of which is wasted. This is exacerbated by Indiana’s extreme winters, making maintaining a good lawn rather costly.

By installing synthetic turf, your apartment complex residents will be able to enjoy its stunning beauty on a daily basis, and so will potential renters who tour your property. Now you can attract quality tenants and portray a picture of refined luxury while saving water and money.

Low Maintenance

Compared to regular grass, ordinary grass necessitates a significant amount of maintenance tasks, including watering, fertilizing, weeding, applying chemicals, mowing, and other activities. For most apartment complexes, this also means ongoing contracts with landscaping companies which can cost thousands of dollars a year.

Artificial grass lawns, golf turf, and synthetic putting greens for apartments will free up time and eliminate the need for time-consuming chores. Artificial grass is installed in a pristine state and maintains that aesthetic without the need to devote hours of your time to caring for it. This is great news for apartment owners who are always looking for ways to save money.

Breathtaking Curb Appeal

According to statistics, the majority of apartment tenants consider the property’s aesthetics to be an essential component in their decision to apply. After all, many tenants are thinking about friends and family who will be visiting or staying with them. As a result, investing in artificial turf makes perfect sense for the majority of Indiana apartment complexes.

SYNLawn Indiana’s artificial grass is constructed from a blend of nylon, polypropylene, and plant-based ingredients, giving it an ultra-realistic appearance and feel. If you want to make a great first impression, especially on prospective tenants who tour your property, installing synthetic turf is the answer. Its unmatched radiance exudes luxury and elegance is an excellent way for apartment communities to beat out local competition.

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Safety at Kids’ Playgrounds

The majority of applicants for apartment leases are families with children. As a result, their decision to live in the apartment may be influenced by the state of the communal playground. For decades, apartment playground surfaces have been made of natural grass, wood chips, and even rubber. While these have sufficed to some extent, they have fallen short regarding safety and durability.

Artificial grass designed for playgrounds, on the other hand, excels due to its combination of safety features and durability. This is what makes the SYNLawn Playground System unique. It affords a high level of durability and weather resistance, in addition to its capacity to accommodate a wide range of playground equipment, all while maintaining a lush green hue and a gentle texture.

Putting Greens

Many apartment complexes have been working to accommodate golfers. This is why golf courses and mini golf courses have become a common fixture at numerous rental properties throughout Indiana. The goal is to lessen the commute for golfers while making it more convenient to enjoy their favorite sport.

SYNLawn’s artificial putting green turf is perfect for apartment complexes. Built-in partnership with world-renowned golf researcher Dave Pelz, our turf rivals the best PGA courses in performance. Let SYNLawn’s designers and installers customize the ideal solution for your property.

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