Commercial Bocce Ball Court Systems in Indiana

The demand in Indianapolis, Indiana for commercial artificial bocce ball turf from SYNLawn Indiana is rising along with the popularity of the sport itself. Bocce ball is loved by a large audience because of its accessibility and friendliness to all ages and skill levels. Whether you are playing in the backyard, at the office, or in a commercial setting, SYNLawn Indiana is here to provide first-rate, ultra-realistic bocce court systems for Indiana properties of all types. The low-maintenance nature of our SYNLawn Indiana synthetic turf has long been one of its key advantages. This advantage relates specifically to our bocce ball systems. From this, the beauty of your court will last all year without the need for care, and even if it experiences torrential rainfall, the excellent drainage of our materials will prevent mud from accumulating and allow for quick usage.

Additional benefits of our artificial grass bocce courts include:

  • IPEMA and ADA-compliant surfaces meet commercial safety standards
  • Resistance to heavy foot traffic and fading
  • Consistent ball roll with minimal bounce
  • Dust-free with no watering required
  • Excellent drainage
  • Can play on after rain
  • Can be shoveled after snow

SYNBocce Court Systems

A surface with true ball roll, little rebound, adequate drainage, and low maintenance is necessary for bocce ball courts. SYNBocce from us at SYNLawn Indiana is a top-tier court system that makes use of a concrete foundation over aggregate to provide a uniformly textured surface and a suitable one-degree pitch for proper drainage. This turf is then finished with a variety of bumper boards after being spot glued using professional adhesives, making for beautiful, fully-optimized bocce courts for Indiana homes, businesses, and more.

Time and Money Savings

At SYNLawn Indiana, our synthetic turf, including SYNBocce, eliminates the need for traditional grass maintenance. As a result, we are pleased to be able to save our commercial customers time and money each month. Our surfaces can help save clients on their water consumption that is attributed to lawn and landscape maintenance. That also means that we can cut your water bill significantly. Furthermore, you will be free to discontinue your maintenance crew subscriptions and eliminate what you spend on lawn equipment purchases and repairs. This way, you can focus more on providing an outstanding experience for your customers than maintaining your bocce courts.

Commercial bocce ball court installed by SYNLawn

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HeatBlock™ Technology 

In climates that are prone to higher temperatures and increased sun exposure, it can be difficult to fully enjoy outdoor activities. Fortunately, SYNBocce is manufactured with highly effective HeatBlock technology. Artificial grass, much like dark clothing, can absorb heat, leading to discomfort as well as faded turf fibers. Thankfully, our HeatBlock technology actively combats heat emissivity and is scientifically proven to keep surfaces cooler than any other competing brand on the market. In addition, our Indiana bocce court systems that include HeatBlock offer less shimmer, providing an appearance closer to conventional grass.


When designing SYNLawn Indiana bocce ball turf, performance and durability are key. That is why SYNBocce is made with our exclusive EnviroLoc+ backing system. EnviroLoc+ is a soy-based backing that acts as a security system for your court system. It locks in turf fibers to help prevent shedding from impact and increases longevity. In addition, EnviroLoc+ has a porous body design that provides you with an incredible drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This is 40 times greater than the highest recorded rainfall in the USA.

Commercial artificial grass bocce ball court

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For several years, SYNLawn Indiana has explored seemingly endless opportunities in Indianapolis, IN for our artificial grass, including our commercial bocce ball courts. As a result, our comprehensive list of applications continues to grow. Our Indiana bocce court systems are instilled with years of research and development and are part of our safer, cleaner, and greener collection of synthetic grass. To learn more, contact SYNLawn Indiana to schedule your free consultation today!

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