Indiana Artificial Grass’ Incredible Fire Safety Benefits

At SYNLawn® Indiana, we understand that traditional grass is a huge factor in the spread of fire. Your lawn should be a work of art, not a catalyst for injuries and property damage. SYNLawn® Indiana artificial turf not only transforms your landscape with its ultra-realistic appearances but acts as a barrier for your home or business. For decades, SYNLawn® has explored every avenue to ensure that we meet the highest standards in fire safety. We proudly offer products that will help prevent the spread of fire.

Indiana artificial grass is made with infill to not only improve the flexibility of turf fibers and keep them from drying out but can act as a flame retardant to help protect your assets, family, pets, employees, and more. Every opportunity SYNLawn® has to add another level of safety to the synthetic grass industry, we waste no time. Since fires are completely unpredictable, we take these steps every year to continue our efforts.

The Only Artificial Grass with a Class A Fire Rating is available from SYNLawn®

While many compete for your business with promises of offering the highest level of fire safety, SYNLawn® is the first and only company to offer a collection of Indiana artificial turf products that boast an ASTM E108 Class A fire rating.

SYNLawn® is dedicated to developing artificial grass solutions that aid in the prevention of fire spread. Our fire-resistant artificial grass goes through rigorous testing to extend the time between the start of a fire and the arrival of emergency responders.

  • Four burning tests: two flame spread tests, and two intermittent flame tests
  • Intermittent flame tests require fifteen 2 min exposures to 1400° F flames with 2 min intervals between each exposure
  • A spread of flame test requires a single 10 min exposure to 1400-degree flame
  • All tests are performed in the presence 1056 + 44y min air velocity

On July 25, 2016, a fire broke out on The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s 14th floor Bamboo Pool area, generating significant worry. The fire grew at an alarming rate in minutes due to the heavy winds that fanned it. The circumstance would have been far worse if SYNRye 211’s 100% nylon fibers had not been there. As a result of SYNRye 211’s ASTM E108 Class A fire rating, SYNLawn® was expressly credited for putting out the fire.

13,000 square feet of artificial grass was initially provided by a competitor when the hotel was built. As a result of the high sunlight and infrared radiation from the sun, that installation began to melt. The Cosmopolitan Hotel recognized the need of having a lawn that would endure longer, perform better, and be safer. SYNLawn® was happy to assist by providing a higher quality synthetic grass designed to endure such conditions. Indiana faux grass not only provides exceptional fire safety, but it also has the best warranty against light reflection.

At SYNLawn® Indiana, We Are Committed to Our Customers

SYNLawn® will always make their customers their top priority and part of that is ensuring that their safety is taken care of. We not only want our customers to enjoy the ultra-realistic look and feel of Indiana artificial grass, the incredible savings, and the ecological benefits but we want them to have confidence that their property, as well as their investment, is safe.

For the last 50 years, the research and development performed by SYNLawn® have helped us lead the industry and will continue to for the many years to come. You can be sure that your next commercial or residential project is in good hands with help from SYNLawn®. For more information on our services, products, and safety standards, contact SYNLawn® Indiana to schedule a lunch and learn or a complimentary consultation today!

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