Indiana Artificial Grass for Schools and School Districts

Schools and school districts throughout Indiana are leaving behind their traditional landscapes and introducing the safest, cleanest, and greenest artificial grass Indiana has to offer. When parents are deciding where to send their kids to school, the first impression can impact whether or not they want to further explore the campus and what it has to offer. For this reason, Indiana schools choose SYNLawn as we offer the highest quality artificial grass and playground turf systems that provide superior durability and performance and easily the most realistic appearances and behaviors. Not only can schools and school districts provide their students with cleaner and safer lawn and playground spaces, but they can save time and money on maintenance!

Safety and Cleanliness are Ensured with Indiana Synthetic Grass

SYNLawn manufactures eco-friendly synthetic grass products that keep students and faculty safe. Safety is one of our highest priorities and as a result, we offer IPEMA certified, ADA compliant, and HIC (Head Injury Criteria) compliant products. You can rest assured that SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass has been independently tested for fall attenuation of up to 10 feet and protects against common injuries, abrasions, and reduces the severity of potential head injuries. SYNLawn artificial turf is wheelchair accessible and will not shift or wrinkle on impact.

While you’re preparing to upgrade your school or university’s landscape, the threat of fire outbreak should also be taken into consideration to ensure the safety of students and staff. Thankfully, many of our Indiana artificial grass options met the requirements to earn a Class A E-108 fire rating from ASTM. To earn this incredible achievement, our faux grass had to undergo and pass 8 different fire tests to ensure that they will slow and prevent the spread of fires. Additionally, we are able to increase the vital time window that first responders need to arrive at the scene and extinguish the fire. This provides students and faculty with more time to vacate the area and protect them from harm and potentially fatal injuries.

Artificial playground padding from SYNLawn

Additional benefits of installing SYNLawn Indiana artificial turf for schools include:

  • We are the #1 choice for school districts, daycares, municipalities, & public playgrounds
  • With our soft and non-abrasive turf fibers, you can protect students from road burns and abrasions
  • Shock-absorbing subbase padding can be added for additional injury prevention
  • Highly resilient Trample Zones™ can be installed under high-friction areas such as beneath swing sets and jungle gym entrances/exits for enhanced durability and longer lasting playground turf installations
  • Tough and resilient EnviroLoc+™ backing system to prevent tearing and shifting on impact
  • DualChill™ IR reflective and HeatBlock™ technologies substantially reduce infrared light and heat absorption to support turf integrity, prevent fading, and when combined with temperature controlling infill, provide the coolest surface temperatures available
  • SYNLawn Indiana playground turf is the safest playground surface; no more hard surfaces, choking hazards, or fall hazards
  • Superior drainage allows for immediate use after heavy rain, snow melt, and spills
  • Made in the USA with plant-based materials such as sugar cane and soybean oil

Another incredible reason to install SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass for school landscapes is its highly effective antibacterial and antimicrobial enhancements. Our school and playground turf is designed with an exclusive Super Yarn™ turf yarn formula. Super Yarn™ includes a highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized®. Sanitized® actively eliminates 99% of bacteria as well as prevent mold, algae, and fungal growth. Additionally, we can also add kid-friendly infill options that further aid in the elimination of stain and odor-causing bacterial growth. By replacing dead natural grass with plant based SYNLawn synthetic grass, you can also remove airborne allergens that can irritate respiratory systems and make it hard to breathe. This especially beneficial for kids that struggle with asthma.

Take the worry of fire outbreaks, fall injuries, bacterial growth, and airborne allergens out of your school’s landscape with SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass!

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Eco-Friendly Benefits of SYNLawn® Indiana Artificial Grass for Schools

There are many options for synthetic grass throughout the industry, but only SYNLawn offers environmentally friendly turf certified by the USDA and made in the USA with plant-based materials. Our process towards environmental sustainability begins with the materials that we utilize. We eliminate significant amounts of petroleum from our manufacturing and replace them with renewable resources such as soybean oil and sugar cane. Thanks to our close partnership with US farmers, we are able to source these materials while exploring endless possibilities that these materials have in landscape design. As a leader in the artificial grass industry for over 50 years, we feel that we have a responsibility to provide our customers with products that are environmentally responsible. This has led SYNLawn to become the first and only synthetic grass manufacturer to earn certifications from the USDA for the utilization of 60-80% of biobased components within their products.

SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass saves school districts and preschools time and money on lawn maintenance and playground surface repairs as they do not require traditional lawn care or replenishment requirements found with sand, mulch, gravel, and rubber. They help to conserve thousands of gallons of water each year and significantly reduce carbon emissions. No more watering or mowing the lawn, no more maintenance crew, no more mud, no more dead or dull grass, and no more safety hazards on the playground.

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