Commercial Artificial Turf Installation in Indiana

SYNLawn Indiana commercial artificial grass installation provides commercial landscapes in Indianapolis, IN with superior durability, resistance to heavy foot traffic, and will not fade for several years with minimal maintenance. We save our clients tens of thousands of gallons of water each year, help cut their water bills, and significantly reduce carbon emissions with the use of eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

First impressions have the power to either increase or decrease a customer’s probability of doing business with you in the future. However, the majority of company owners have so much to do that maintaining the lawn does not come high on their list of priorities. For this reason, they choose SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass. We provide ultra-realistic grass solutions that replicate traditional grass while checking off maintenance from your to-do list for good. As a result, our commercial synthetic grass is easily adaptable to suit any location or use in Indianapolis and other Indiana communities.

Applications for our commercial artificial turf installations include but are not limited to:

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Professional Indiana Turf Installation by SYNLawn®

SYNLawn Indiana is licensed, bonded, and insured to handle large commercial projects, even installations exceeding millions of dollars. You will feel secure knowing that you are in good hands – thanks to our many, many years of development and installation experience with our Indiana synthetic grass.

Our goal at SYNLawn Indiana is to provide you with a synthetic lawn installation that seamlessly blends into your current landscape and lasts for decades. To ensure that the base we will be covering with our synthetic grass is clear of pebbles and other debris, we first smooth it off. This ensures that your landscape is free of any bumps that might be dangerous if walked on or fallen on. Additionally, an improper installation might result in seams. Not only will seams lessen the aesthetic appearance of the lawn, but they may also provide a trip risk or require future repairs. We make sure that every square is put in the same orientation to prevent this – a step that is sometimes missed by rival companies.

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Commercial Safety Standards

In commercial spaces, nothing is more important than safety. Fortunately, whether you are building a playground, putting green, dog park, or replacing your business’s front lawn, you will feel confident knowing your Indiana turf installation is IPEMA-certified, and ADA and HIC-compliant. We independently laboratory test to meet commercial public safety standards and meet fall attenuations to cushion falls up to 10 feet. Our SYNLawn Indiana commercial artificial turf is wheelchair compliant and meets Head Injury Criteria as well as protects against more common minor injuries and abrasions.

Further, SYNLawn is one of the only manufacturers of synthetic grass that distributes ASTM E-108 Class A fire-rated options. Products that meet this fire rating have passed eight specific burn and melt tests that demonstrate their ability to stop the spread of fire and give first responders more time to reach the scene and extinguish it. This means that our Indiana faux grass will simply melt rather than expand the fire, giving first responders more time to arrive.

Synthetic Turf Installation in Indiana Support Architects

SYNLawn Indiana works together with various industry experts, including architects and landscape designers. We are happy to provide them access to our CAD details files, so they incorporate synthetic turf straight away into their designs. Samples, infill alternatives, nailer boards, padding, and other materials can be sent straight to architects’ offices as part of a free tool package. Commercial green builders and specifiers that install environmentally friendly artificial grass can earn LEED points for their projects for water conservation as well as the use of renewable materials. Additionally, SYNLawn offers learning opportunities to earn CEU credits in the STC CTI-L and Health, Wealth & Safety programs toward ongoing education.

  • The History and Impact of Synthetic Turf – 1 Credit HWS (Health Wealth Safety)
  • Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Synthetic Grass Solutions – 1 Credit HWS (Health Wealth Safety)
  • Sustainable Synthetic Turf Surfaces for Leading Edge Design – 1 Credit STC CTI-L Program

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At SYNLawn Indiana, we make it easy for any business with any budget to bring its luxury lawn and landscape designs to life with our safer, cleaner, and greener commercial artificial grass installation in Indianapolis, IN. To learn more about SYNLawn Indiana turf installation services and how we can transform your property, help increase its value, and more, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation!

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