Indiana Artificial Grass for Pool Decks and Poolside Environments in Indianapolis, IN

At SYNLawn Indiana, we offer artificial grass for pool decks in order to help enhance poolside environments in Indianapolis, IN. Many of our customers enjoy lounging by their pool and take great pride in the level of luxury it provides to their landscape. With that being said, they also understand the importance of a lawn, but some miss out on how a lawn can complement their pool surroundings and enhance its beauty further. At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial turf has become a top choice for residents who want to transform their poolside landscape, so it can look its best year-round.

Effortless Integration and Expert Installation

The team at SYNLawn Indiana believes in providing all our residential and commercial clients with high levels of customer service and quality. This extends to our installation methods. We work closely with our customers to help ensure that they achieve all their unique design goals. This starts with smoothing out your surface to be free of any debris and ensuring it is level. Next, we carefully lay each panel of our Indiana artificial turf in the same direction so that your turf blades all run the same way, increasing its realism. We also do custom cut work to include stunning paver designs and walkways. Finally, we then quality check every detail of the installation to help ensure that there are no visible seams, wrinkles, or tears that will break the illusion of traditional grass. We believe it is paramount that your lawn effortlessly integrates with the existing features of your pool surroundings.

Collaboration with Pool Builders

Our relationship with pool builders is mutually beneficial to virtually any project. We are always looking for new partnerships with professionals who understand our passion for quality. We are happy to work with local pool builders who share this passion, as it creates a wonderful combination of beauty in your backyard or on your commercial property in Indiana. With our use of high-quality materials and precise attention to detail, SYNLawn Indiana and local pool builders can take your landscape to a new level of aesthetic excellence. 

Pool builders – You can request free samples, a free architect kit, or schedule a lunch and learn with our team to explore future partnership opportunities and learn how SYNLawn can help elevate your pool designs. 

HeatBlock™ and DualChill IR Reflective Technology

When you get out of the pool, the last thing you want is to step on blazing hot concrete, stone, or other heat-absorbing surfaces. That is why SYNLawn Indiana artificial turf includes our exclusive HeatBlock™ and DualChill IR reflective technologies. HeatBlock and DualChill combat heat emissivity by reflecting infrared light. HeatBlock is scientifically proven to help keep our synthetic turf up to 20% cooler than other conventional grass alternatives on the market. With HeatBlock, you do not have to worry about burned feet when you get out of the water. Additionally, DualChill helps to strengthen fiber durability against infrared light and prevents the turf from fading in the sun.

Eco-Friendly Benefits and Materials

Proudly leading the local synthetic turf industry, SYNLawn Indiana provides the first and only plant-based artificial grass. In our U.S. manufacturing facility, we work to maintain stringent quality control procedures from yarn manufacturing to installation, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations. We also commit to utilizing as little ecologically damaging petroleum as possible in our production process, substituting it with sustainable materials like sugar cane and renewable soybeans. Additionally, you actively help to lower carbon emissions by using gas-powered lawn equipment as little as possible. Our team continues to push for more responsible and ecologically friendly landscaping techniques with our artificial turf.

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Save Time and Money

Maintaining landscapes can be time-consuming, but with SYNLawn artificial turf, there is no need for constant mowing, watering, or fertilizing, unlike traditional grass. Once it is installed, you can enjoy a lifetime of effortless beauty, quality, and durability. Without all these maintenance requirements, you can put money back in your pocket each month!

Artificial grass backyard pool area installed by SYNLawn
Backyard artificial grass pool deck installed by SYNLawn

Increase Water Conservation with SYNLawn® Indiana Synthetic Grass

It is no secret that pools consume a large amount of water. Beyond that, they occasionally need to be backwashed to keep them clean and clear, resulting in more water loss. However, regular grass can be responsible for nearly 60% of your monthly water consumption. To avoid this, our SYNLawn synthetic turf does not require watering. With this in mind, we can help save customers money on their water bills and help conserve thousands of gallons of water per year, depending on the size of your lawn or poolside area.

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