Synthetic Grass for Pets

SYNLawn® Indiana offers premium-quality, pet-friendly artificial turf solutions because we value the positive impact our pets have on our lives. When adding artificial grass to your backyard, there are many things to consider; the size of your pets, the size of the outdoor space or dog run, and the time your pets spend outdoors. We understand that every family has different needs for their pets, so we tailor every pet turf installation to any yard, landscape, and dog run. Our unique Pet System provides you with the best artificial grass for dogs and pets of all sizes.

Our advanced synthetic grass technology creates a clean, safe, and comfortable place for your pets to enjoy year-round.

We know that our pets are important members of the family. At SYNLawn® Indiana, we want to help you create a beautiful outdoor space that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our synthetic turf options are designed to be durable year-round, so they will always maintain their color and realistic look. Another unique advantage of switching to fake grass for dogs is the money saved on lawn care and maintenance. No more mowing, fertilizing, watering, or reseeding. You will be just as happy with your reduced water bill as your pet will be with their gorgeous new play area. Contact us today to learn about our exclusive SYNLawn® Pet System.

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean
  • Low maintenance; does not require watering or mowing
  • Envirofill™ odor-controlling infill added to reduce 80% of odors caused by pet waste
  • Keeps your pets clean
  • No more muddy paws from digging holes in your yard
  • Free of pests such as fleas and ticks, preventing the spread of disease
  • No more rodents such as moles and gophers in your yard
  • Drainage rate of 90” per hour
  • Perfect place for outdoor bath time
  • Durable upgrades available for destructive canines
  • 100% safe and environmentally friendly
  • 15-year warranty on select products
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! SYNLawn® artificial grass is incredibly safe for many different types of pets. SYNLawn® offers disease protection by removing fleas, ticks, and other pests from your landscape. Our Enviroloc™ backing system locks-in the grass fibers to prevent them from being removed and consumed by animals. In addition, our exclusive BioCel Technology™ replaces 68% of petroleum found in competing pet turf brands and replaces it with oil from renewable soybeans. Not only does this make our turf pet-friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

Of course! In fact, our synthetic pet turf is the most pet-friendly turf system on the market. We design and manufacture all our pet turf products with the safety and wellbeing of dogs in mind. We implement exclusive turf technologies such as Omega technology™, HeatBlock technology™, BioCel technology™, Enviroloc™ backing system, Envirofill® Antimicrobial and more, to provide you and your dogs the perfect space to play, lounge, and enjoy. In addition, our HeatBlock Technology™ keeps SYNLawn® artificial grass 20% cooler than competing turf brands in the summer. This will protect your dog’s paws during the hottest and sunniest days. SYNLawn® pet-friendly turf is the ideal solution for backyard dog runs, commercial dog parks, kennels, rescues, and much more.

No, SYNLawn® artificial grass is designed to be both stain and odor resistant while competing brands might be stained by urine and pet waste.

No, SYNLawn® artificial grass is made with first-of-its-kind Super Yarn™ Technology which consists of a highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® which kills 99% of microbes and bacteria from the turf which helps with reducing odors and keeping the turf clean. In addition, we use highly effective infills such as Envirofill® that reduces 99% of ammonia caused pet urine.

That depends on the application. Synthetic grass for dogs can be installed on many different surfaces such as dirt, concrete, metal grates and more. Concrete can be used as the foundation for rooftop, deck, and patio applications as well as commercial applications but typically for residential lawn applications, we would install on dirt. You can contact us today with your project specifications, and we would be happy to give you an exact answer.

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