Commercial Indoor Putting Green Installation in Indiana

At SYNLawn Indiana, our team offers commercial indoor putting green installation for businesses of all types and sizes in Indianapolis and other Indiana communities. A variety of golf-related activities, such as driving ranges, chipping putting greens, indoor mini golf courses, and golf simulators, are referred to as “indoor golf.” Businesses continue to invest a substantial amount of money in mini-golf and indoor golf facilities. These consist of shops, cafés, entertainment complexes, offices, and specialty golf courses.

Indoor mini golf course installed at Mall

Benefits of our commercial indoor putting green installations include:

  • 100% nylon fibers provide year-round weather resistance, long-lasting durability, & vibrance
  • No bumpy seams to interfere with your putt
  • Putting greens offers superior durability to practice chipping
  • UV protection to prevent color fading
  • Custom designs for all skill levels, budgets, & indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Portable putting green options
  • No maintenance costs
  • Add sand traps, bunkers, tee boxes, slopes, mounds and more
  • LED cup lights available for additional customization
Commercial indoor putting green from SYNLawn

PGA-Caliber Performance

Indoor putting greens in any workplace should reflect the same superior level of quality expected by your customers and employees. At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial golf turf is designed to provide the same professional performance that you would expect from your favorite courses. Our putting green turf is manufactured with the help of former NASA engineer and professional golf coach Dave Pelz. With his help, we have created golf turf that replicates the appearance and behavior of conventional grass as closely as possible. Dave understands our passion for quality, and because of this, we only utilize top-quality materials to create our golf greens.

Eliminate Maintenance with Indiana Putting Green Turf

Traditional golf courses might have an amazing appearance. However, they need a lot of upkeep. This covers chemical additives, water sprinklers that can run almost nonstop, landscaping contracts, and a lot more. These tasks not only take up time, but they also cost money. On the contrary, our synthetic turf does not need any continuous upkeep. As a result, the surface remains flawless with little upkeep. Our team of experts is eager to assist you in developing an Indiana miniature golf installation that can help draw attention and bring joy to everyone who uses your course.

Storefront putting green installed by SYNLawn

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Applications for Indiana Indoor Putting Greens and Mini-Golf Courses

There are many applications for indoor putting greens and mini golf courses on commercial properties in Indiana. At SYNLawn Indiana, some of the most common we design and install include the following:

Commercial mini golf installation from SYNLawn

Mini-Golf Courses

Installing and using artificial mini-golf courses can help people acquire an interest in golf as a recreational activity. This can be attributed to the inherent similarities that exist between mini-golf and traditional golf. Mini golf is a beloved pastime for families and children, with the main goal being to putt the ball into a hole with the fewest strokes possible. 

To attract customers, mini-golf courses are a common feature of commercial and outdoor entertainment. These days, mini-golf facilities can be found in contemporary resorts, apartment complexes, and campgrounds – since it is a game that virtually everyone can enjoy.


A growing number of corporate leaders and office managers are looking at creative ways to design workspaces that integrate extracurricular activities with productivity. The installation of artificial indoor putting greens is just one of these creative methods. They can not only help lower stress levels but also aid in boosting productivity.

Office putting green installed by SYNLawn

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