Artificial Grass Installation in Bloomington, IN

Residential Artificial Grass Installation

Eliminate the headache of traditional maintenance with SYNLawn artificial turf in Bloomington, IN. Say goodbye to mowing, watering, mud, and more. Customers that revive their landscapes with SYNLawn save an incredible amount of time and money on maintenance and water bills year after year. As a result, the popularity of our plant based synthetic grass collection continues to grow with each passing day. SYNLawn artificial grass in Bloomington, IN is manufactured utilizing eco-friendly materials such as soybean oil and sugar cane to help conserve valuable recourses, reduce carbon footprint, and reduce our impact on local landfills by engineering a recyclable product.

Each Bloomington, IN synthetic turf installation offers SYNLawn-exclusive turf technologies and features including:

  • Super Yarn™ technology
  • EnviroLoc+™ backing system
  • HeatBlock™ technology
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial
  • UV stabilized turf fibers
  • Stain and odor resistance with ability to add pet-friendly infill
  • IPEMA and ADA compliance
  • ASTM E-108 Class A fire rated and tested products
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • The strongest warranty against reflective light
  • Unmatched limited lifetime warranty and more
Residential artificial grass backyard with shack.

Bloomington, IN Artificial Turf for Commercial Landscapes

Business owners understand that the needs of their customers come first. At SYNLawn Indiana, we put the needs of our customers first too! That is why we manufacture artificial turf that is capable of enduring extreme foot traffic through every season with superior durability and resilience while abiding by our low maintenance philosophy. SYNLawn synthetic grass in Bloomington, Indiana offers ultra-realistic color pigments, textures, and behaviors that mimic real grass throughout the year without the need for traditional maintenance. Furthermore, SYNLawn products are designed to provide the highest safety standards, give back to the environment, survive all climates, and allow business owners to reinvest their time in money into their company and clients.

Commercial applications for SYNLawn artificial turf include, but are not limited to:

  • Lawns
  • Landscapes
  • Retail shopping
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Golf turf & putting greens
  • Roofs, decks, & patios
  • Playgrounds
  • Gyms, fitness, and agility turf
  • Events and more
outdoor seating area of babys restaurant

Bloomington, Indiana Putting Greens and Golf Turf Installation

SYNLawn golf greens are designed and manufactured in partnership with the golf legend Dave Pelz. To create most authentic performing backyard putting greens and golf green turf, we went to the drawing board to accommodate every unique requirement needed to make the perfect green. We created golf turf that is perfect for all ages and skill levels, provides PGA-caliber golf and putting performance, does not require regular maintenance like other greens, and is perfect for any application. Compliment your landscape with a one-of-a-kind landscape amenity and enjoy convenient access to a green in which you can sharpen your short-game skills!

  • Designed to absorb and disperse energy like professional courses
  • Precision installation services provided by certified SYNLawn® GreenMaster™ professionals
  • Customizable with obstacles and LED lights to increase the challenge and your own personal flair
  • Indoor and outdoor compatibility
  • Non-perforated surfaces prevent water from settling beneath the turf surface
  • Realistic putt, true ball roll, and proper energy absorption for a natural slow down

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Previous Projects

Safer Playgrounds in Bloomington, IN with SYNLawn Playground Turf

SYNLawn parents enjoy the luxury of knowing that their children play on the safest and cleanest playground grass in Bloomington, Indiana. We manufacture products that adhere to the strictest safety standards. Playground systems from SYNLawn meet IPEMA, ADA, CSA, and HIC compliance to ensure that your children and athletes are protected from common injuries and cushioned from falls as high as 10 feet while on a SYNLawn playground or athletic field. In addition, SYNLawn offers several options that are fire rated and tested to acquire an incredible Class A fire rating from ASTM for additional safety at any school or kid-friendly establishment. Furthermore, SYNLawn playground turf features our incredible HeatBlock technology that keeps surfaces 20% cooler than any other competing brand. Your playground can provide a safe and comfortable surface for the kids to enjoy year-round.

SYNLawn indiana playgrounds and day care facilities
dogs playing in dog park made with artificial turf

Pet Turf Installation in Bloomington, Indiana

Clients of SYNLawn swear by our pet turf systems. To begin, they offer incredible performance and durability. Dogs cannot tear it up like real grass and leave unattractive holes and dark stains. Our pet grass also quickly drains, avoiding the buildup of odors caused by pet urine. Not only do our pet-friendly turf installations feature an effective antimicrobial enhancement within our Super Yarn turf yarn formula, but we also add an antibacterial infill that further aids in the prevention of stains and odors caused by pet waste. Last but not least, artificial turf for pets is really easy to maintain and does not need a lot of landscaping supplies to stay beautiful.

  • Odor control through the incorporation of Envirofill®
  • Stain-resistant and very easy to clean
  • No brown spots caused by pet waste
  • Prevents moles and gophers from destroying the lawn
  • Superior drainage at a rate of 1,200 inches per hour
  • No more muddy paws in the house
  • Added security upgrades available for destructive dogs

Roof, Deck, and Patio Turf Installation

Many of us have underutilized or forgotten space on our rooftops, decks, and patios. The easiest way to maximize your living space and increase its value is revitalizing it with Bloomington synthetic grass. SYNLawn is the perfect solution for rooftop and deck installations, as it is Class A fire-rated, pet-friendly, and plant-based. It provides a lush green appearance all year long for years to come. It never fades and it provides comfortable surface temperatures on hot summer days.

Man relaxing on hammock on artificial grass rooftop

SYNLawn is a customer-driven manufacturer of eco-friendly and technologically advanced artificial grass. For more than 50 years, we have researched and developed innovative ways to change the game and separate ourselves from our competitors. We partner with local farmers to source recyclable materials including sugar cane and soybean oil to significantly reduce the use of petroleum and other harmful components to further our commitment towards environmental sustainability. With the help of industry professionals such as architects, landscape designers, general contractors and more, we can continue to install the safest, cleanest, and ‘greenest’ surroundings in Bloomington, IN and across the globe.

For more information about our Bloomington turf installation services and products, contact SYNLawn Indiana to schedule a free consultation today!

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