Indiana Indoor Putting Green Installers

SYNLawn Indiana indoor putting greens are perfect for garage golf simulators, man caves, employee break rooms, and indoor mini golf courses across Indiana. You can enjoy your indoor golf green any time of day, despite any unwelcome weather conditions outside. Indiana indoor putting green installations are ideal for residential and commercial properties looking to transform their underutilized spaces into something practical and fun. We will work closely with you to design the perfect indoor golf green in Indiana, so you can take your short game performance to the next level without having to travel to a golf course!

PGA-Caliber Performance 

At SYNLawn Indiana, we believe in providing the highest level of quality from the beginning of the manufacturing process to long after our Indiana golf green installations are complete. This means that just like our other synthetic golf turf products, your Indiana indoor putting green is manufactured with the same PGA-caliber performance and superior durability. Our ongoing partnership with the legendary golf coach Dave Pelz is what makes all this possible. This strong partnership and passion for golf motivates us to utilize the highest quality materials possible to replicate the life-like appearance and behaviors of traditional golf grass as closely as possible.

residential indoor putting green from SYNLawn

Some of the many benefits of our indoor putting greens in Indiana include:

  • 100% nylon fibers provide year-round weather resistance, long-lasting durability, & vibrance
  • No bumpy seams to interfere with your putt
  • Putting greens offer superior durability to practice chipping
  • UV protection to prevent color fading
  • Custom designs for all skill levels, budgets, & indoor/outdoor spaces
  • Portable putting green options
  • No maintenance costs
  • LED cup lights available for additional customization

Low-Maintenance Indiana Putting Green Turf

Golf greens traditionally require an astonishing amount of upkeep to remain in ideal condition. They need to be sprayed with chemicals to keep pests and weeds at bay, in addition to hundreds of gallons of water used nearly every day to stay lush. These kinds of treatments and maintenance services are often applied by professional lawn maintenance staff that can become quite expensive over time. Many of us do not want to pay the hefty maintenance costs associated with a perfect Indiana putting green. For this reason, SYNLawn Indiana offers indoor putting greens that require no routine maintenance. All we have to do is complete your installation in an accessible area of your home or office space. 

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Homeowners and commercial properties will not need to waste thousands of gallons of water each year on golf green maintenance. Furthermore, the use of gas-powered lawn equipment plays a large role in carbon emission production and is detrimental to environmental health. Indiana golf turf can help cut your water bill and can eliminate the nearly many pounds of carbon that a single gas-powered lawn mower emits yearly. Additionally, our SYNLawn Indiana golf turf is manufactured with eco-friendly and renewable materials making them recyclable. This feature supports an installation lifetime of several years with minimal upkeep.

indoor basement putting green installed around stairs
Indoor putting green installed by SYNLawn

Indoor Putting Greens for Businesses and Offices

Are you a business owner looking to build an indoor mini golf course or interested in adding a putting green to your employee lounge? What better way to take a break from work, or boost company morale than with an indoor Indiana putting green from SYNLawn Indiana? In addition to our precision golf green installations, we offer several portable options that offer the same ultra-realistic appearance and performance. Since many of us do our best thinking on the putting green because of its calm and quiet nature, this can make it a wonderful place to boost productivity.

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At SYNLawn Indiana, our indoor putting green installers are prepared to help you find the right putting green turf for your indoor golf project in Indiana. Our team of experts have many years of dedicated training under their belts and will professionally install your putting green. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, we offer high-quality Indiana indoor golf greens at affordable pricing with payment options for virtually every budget. For more information about our artificial golf turf, contact SYNLawn Indiana today to schedule your free consultation!

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