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If you are looking for a mini golf course construction company in Indianapolis, IN, that you can rely on from start to finish, SYNLawn Indiana should be your go-to! We are recognized as a leader in the local artificial turf industry and provide high-quality putting green turf for golf installations throughout Indiana, including miniature golf courses.

Mini golf course artificial grass installed by SYNLawn

Benefits of Artificial Grass Mini Golf Courses from SYNLawn Indiana

At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial golf turf and construction services offer mini golf courses in Indiana several benefits, including:

  • Zero maintenance costs
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor installations
  • Realistic performance unrivaled on the market today
  • Disburses and absorbs energy like on a conventional golf green
  • Custom designs are available for every unique location, all skill levels, and budgets
  • Choose fairway, rough, and fringe surfaces
  • Manufactured with durable, UV-resistant materials
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Tee Strike with a 1” thick surface, so players can use real golf tees
  • Developed and designed by certified Indiana golf green installation experts
  • Decrease the maintenance costs of practice areas and artificial tee lines
  • Incredible durability will prevent divots, holes, and bumps
  • Add sand traps, bunkers, tee boxes, chipping matts, LED cup lights, & more

Indiana Synthetic Turf is a Durable Choice for Mini Golf Installation

When designing commercial spaces, first impressions can make or break the likelihood of your customers or guests returning. Your business may suffer if your grass seems run-down when compared with its surroundings. You need artificial turf that looks and feels just like conventional grass but also looks good enough to enjoy in the summer heat and on freezing winter nights. For these reasons, customers choose SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass and golf turf!

How much of the traditional sod you originally laid on your mini golf course has been torn away over the years due to putters’ relentless abuse? Our miniature golf course greens are ideal for both newly constructed and renovated mini-golf courses. People can find enjoyment in a variety of ways. The newest and most sophisticated artificial grass is a necessity if you want to compete, draw attention, and help raise the “wow” factor for your course.

At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial grass options are made with unmatched durability and hyper-realism in mind. No matter how demanding your patrons are or how bad the weather is, our turf on your Indiana miniature golf course remains lush and unchanged. Years after your SYNLawn Indiana mini golf course is installed, it can maintain the same excellent appearance as on the first day.

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Save Time and Money on Maintenance with Indiana Artificial Turf

Building a miniature golf course can come with a lot of expenses. The site must be bought or leased, all obstacles and difficulties must be built from scratch at each hole, designs must be developed, and depending on the quality of the turf or sod, you could be looking at expensive, recurring maintenance and repair costs from the heavy use. With professional installation and substantially higher quality synthetic grass and golf turf from SYNLawn Indiana, you can rest assured that your mini golf course is equipped to withstand the heavy use, resulting in time and money savings.

In this highly competitive marketplace, a business needs every advantage it can get. Not only are you up against other mini-golf venues but also streaming services, game consoles, and other entertainment options. Allow our staff of knowledgeable designers to provide you with unique designs and obstacles that will test mini golfer’s abilities and provide lasting fun.

Drone shot of putting green installed by SYNLawn

Businesses continuously look for methods to cut costs, and installing artificial grass is one of the best options. Conventional grass must be watered and maintained on a regular basis. Who wants to spend all the time, money, and energy maintaining your Indiana miniature golf course, trimming it when it becomes overgrown, and dousing it with pesticides to keep insects away? At SYNLawn Indiana, we offer incredible monthly financing options, so you can bring the most epic mini golf course to life without breaking the bank upfront or over time.

Indoor mini golf installation from SYNLawn

Indiana Golf Turf Offers Unmatched Quality

Playing golf demands an extremely smooth surface. This is because the golfing experience itself can be impacted by the surface’s quality. Golf course operators spend a lot of money making sure the turf is up to the highest standards for golf. Weather-related or general wear and tear on a golf course can turn off players and spectators alike. The solution for a consistent, PGA-caliber mini golf course is SYNLawn Indiana artificial grass and putting green turf.

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If you are ready to get started on the construction of your new Indiana mini-golf course, the team at SYNLawn Indiana looks forward to working with you. Our team of highly skilled installers will work with you from start to finish to ensure that all your specifications are met. We offer affordable payment options and back our Indiana artificial golf turf with an unmatched warranty. For more information, contact SYNLawn Indiana to schedule your free consultation!

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