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Residential Artificial Grass Installation in Westfield, IN

Every day, more and more people are making the switch to SYNLawn® Westfield artificial turf.

Customers love the incredible savings they accrue with our ecologically conscious products and the low maintenance they provide. No longer will you need to commit to the regular upkeep required to maintain the appearance of real grass. With SYNLawn® a Westfield synthetic grass installation, your landscape will look gorgeous all year long, for many years to come!

Homeowners love being able to create stunning impressions for their visitors by introducing our products into their landscape. All year long you will enjoy lush and vibrant grass that resists fading and damage as a result of our exclusive technologies and benefits that only SYNLawn® can provide. Our Super Yarn™ technology is a first-of-its-kind, fifth-generation technology that combines three unique components to create one unique yarn formula and increase the longevity of our long-lasting Westfield synthetic turf. Combined with our eco-friendly EnviroLoc™ backing system that anchors in turf blades and is made out of recyclable materials, our Indiana artificial turf is designed to last through all weather conditions and under the stress of heavy foot traffic.

Benefits of SYNLawn® Westfield artificial grass include:

  • Provides a realistic alternative to natural grass
  • Easy maintenance – no more mowing, fertilizing, or high water bills
  • Environmentally safe, made with recyclable components
  • Made with a plant-based, soy backing system called Enviroloc™
  • Super Yarn™ antimicrobial yarn implements antimicrobial by Sanitized®, DualChill™, and StatBlock™ antistatic technology
  • Delustered fibers, UV protection, and weather resistance for long-lasting durability
  • Stain and odor resistant – no more bacteria or mold growth
  • Fire safe and tested
  • Allergen-free

Westfield Commercial Artificial Grass Applications

Commercial properties in Indiana rely on SYNLawn® to install their artificial grass for an abundance of applications. We install our products commercial lawns of any size, major golf courses, commercial playgrounds, dog parks, apartments, safety surfacing, and so much more. Along with making a lasting impression, businesses love our commitment to environmental sustainability. We partner with US farmers to locally source recyclable materials including sugar cane and soybean oil to aid in petroleum and carbon reduction from the manufacturing process. In doing so, we can further our commitment to a brighter ecological future. As a result, SYNLawn® was proudly the first to offer a catalog of USDA certified artificial turf. Now we can provide any commercial application with a landscape solution that saves time and money on lawn maintenance while proving customers and employees with a comfortable outdoor lawn space.

Westfield Golf Putting Greens

Golf enthusiasts and professionals alike rely on a proper surface to maximize their short game performance. In response to this, we partnered with professional golf coach Dave Pelz to create PGA-caliber custom golf greens in Westfield, IN. According to performance statistics, 80% of pars are missed in the short games. Our golf green turf is designed to allow you to hone your skills to prevent this loss and provide you with a convenient space to truly improve your putting and chipping techniques.

  • Custom designed putting greens for indoor and outdoor use
  • Options available for every skill level, budget, and space
  • Realistic putting and chipping performance – true ball roll and natural ball energy absorption characteristics
  • UV protected to prevent color fading under direct sun exposure
  • No maintenance required – our ShotStopper™ system removes the need for frequent sand replenishment found with competing golf green products
  • Fringe, fairway, and rough surfaces available
  • Customize the shape and green features with sand traps, tee boxes, LED cup lights and more
  • We offer non-skid, portable putting greens that allow quick assembly so you can take your game on the road
  • Precision installation services provided by certified SYNLawn® GreenMaster™ professionals

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Previous Projects

Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets – Westfield, IN

SYNLawn® loves pets and we know that you do too, so treat them to their very own luxury landscape with a revolutionary Westfield pet turf installation. Your pets can enjoy mud-free, high-performing pet grass all year long without regular maintenance or holes to fill. Our Westfield pet grass is free of harsh chemicals and heavy metals and is coated with Sanitized® antimicrobial to prevent unwanted pests, eliminate odor-causing bacteria, and keep fleas and ticks out of the yard.

  • Odor resistance through the combination of Sanitized® and a pet-friendly infill
  • Stain-resistant and very easy to clean
  • No watering, fertilizing, or mowing ever needed
  • No brown or yellow spots caused by pet waste
  • No digging or holes in your yard thanks to our extremely tough EnviroLoc™ backing
  • Protection against moles, gophers, and other ground-dwelling rodents
  • Optimal drainage allows immediate use after heavy rainfall or snow melt
  • No dirt or muddy paws tracked into your home
  • No pests such as fleas or ticks, help prevent the spread of disease
  • Additional security enhancements available for destructive canine

Westfield, IN Playground Turf Flooring Systems

SYNLawn® playground grass provides Westfield playground installations with cleaner, safer, and more ecologically conscious foundations to play on. Our IPEMA certified, ADA compliant, and soft turf surfaces will reduce the risk of common injuries and provide shock absorption from falls of up to 10-feet. Designed to be safer than any other playground flooring solution, SYNLawn® playground turf is the ideal option for schools, public playgrounds, preschools, daycare facilities and more! With over 50 years of research and development towards creating safer and more resilient playground surfaces, SYNLawn® is able to offer a number of unique features and benefits including:

  • Allergen-free surfaces
  • Made with recyclable and eco-friendly materials such as soybean oil and sugar cane
  • The top layer consists of soft and plush artificial grass fibers
  • StatBlock™ is a carbon-based anti-static component that reduces static buildup levels by 17%
  • HeatBlock™ lowers rising surface temperatures by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat buildup, resulting in a 20% cooler grass solution
  • Fall Pad® subbase cushioning provides a soft padding-bottom layer for added injury prevention
  • ASTM Class A fire rated for enhanced fire safety – Suitable for rooftop playgrounds
  • Tested to meet HIC (Head Injury Criteria) requirements
  • No more grass stains on clothes
  • Enhanced drainage to allow playtime immediately after heavy rainfall

Artificial Living Walls in Westfield, Indiana

If you have unused wall space or vertical surfaces that you do not know how to decorate, Indiana artificial living walls by VistaFolia® are the solution you have been searching for. Made from ultra-realistic, high-quality synthetic foliage and ivy, our synthetic green walls provide a fresh and beautiful focal point to your indoor or outdoor designs. VistaFolia® lightweight panels are designed to allow free movement of air and fit together seamlessly to replicate the life-like appearance and behaviors of real plants.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor designs
  • Lightweight panels designed to allow free movement of air
  • Add for enhanced noise reduction and privacy enhancement
  • Engineered to endure harsh winds, ice, hail, and other extreme weather conditions
  • Unmatched realism: exact colors, shadings, and dimensions
  • UV-protection to minimize fading of outdoor installations
  • Customizable arrangements with a range of color boxes
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Fire tested and certified
  • 5-year warranty

SYNLawn® Indiana is proud to serve our many customers by providing them with the highest level of customer service while meeting every single project specification from start to finish. Our team of highly trained and skilled Westfield, IN artificial grass installers are here to bring your landscape to life with the highest quality, lowest maintenance alternative to natural grass. Save time and money on maintenance while enjoying a vibrant lawn with more to offer than traditional sod and competing turf brands. For more information, contact SYNLawn® Indiana to schedule a free consultation and get started on your dream project today!

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