Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Artificial Grass

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Indiana Artificial Grass

Traditionally, nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene are used to make synthetic turf. It can also include a backing system and rubber crumb, sand, or another type of infill option. 

At SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial grass is the first plant-based artificial grass and is made from materials derived from sugar cane and soybean oil. Our SYNLawn turf options are manufactured free of PFAS, also known as, “forever chemicals,” and are quality controlled in our own manufacturing facility in the USA to maintain its environmental friendliness.

Statistics show that traditional synthetic grass can last up to 15 to 20 years or less. At SYNLawn Indiana, our high-quality artificial turf is manufactured with several innovations that allow it to last 20+ years with minimal effort. It provides unmatched durability, quality, and performance not found anywhere else. In addition, we back our turf with an unmatched limited lifetime warranty.

Artificial turf is considered a safer and more healthy substitute for traditional grass for kids and pets alike. Our SYNLawn synthetic turf is free of chemicals, pesticides, and manufactured PFAS-free. Additionally, at SYNLawn Indiana, our artificial grass includes a coating of the highly effective antimicrobial Sanitized® that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria. It is also hypoallergenic to stop the escalation of respiratory and other allergies.

Artificial turf can get hot from long-term exposure to sunlight. Fortunately, there are innovations that have been developed to help keep SYNLawn Indiana artificial turf surfaces comfortable. The powerful combination of our DualChill™ and HeatBlock™ technologies aid in keeping your luxury lawn up to 20% cooler than other artificial turf brands on the market.

Traditional synthetic turf can and will fade over time. However, with SYNLawn Indiana synthetic grass, our fade-resistant, UV-stabilized yarns will remain vibrant year-round. Additionally, DualChill™ IR reflective enhancements within our turf fibers reflect infrared light that constantly beats down on your lawn, protecting its vibrant aesthetic.

At SYNLawn Indiana, environmental friendliness is one of its main advantages of our artificial turf over regular grass for landscaping. Our synthetic lawns are an excellent method of reducing your carbon footprint because they do not require gas-powered equipment. They also help to conserve tens of thousands of gallons of water per year by eliminating lawn watering requirements. Proudly, our SYNLawn turf can also be recycled for future installations, which reduces the impact on local landfills.

Absolutely! One of the factors that set SYNLawn manufacturing apart from competing turf brands are the technologies we develop. SYNLawn has instilled more than 50 years of research and development into creating new technologies and turf advancements. New technologies include our proprietary plant-based Super Yarn™ turf yarn formula and EnviroLoc+™ backing, HeatBlock™ technology for cooler surface temperatures, SuperDrain+™ for optimal drainage, and more. These technologies increase your landscape’s performance, longevity, and eco-friendliness.

There are a variety of green alternatives available in the turf industry. The need for sustainable products is growing daily, and suppliers are keeping up with the growing demand. SYNLawn produces synthetic grass in partnership with US farmers. With their help, we have produced the first range of USDA-certified artificial grass composed of 60–80% plant and bio-based materials. This feature in combination with water conservation, carbon emission reduction, local landfill impact reduction, and recyclability, makes our SYNLawn turf some of the most eco-friendly artificial grass options.

Artificial turf plays a large role in conserving water at residential and commercial properties. At SYNLawn Indiana, our synthetic grass options can help save you on your water bill. In areas experiencing extreme drought conditions and water restrictions, this is a highly effective way to help conserve thousands of gallons of water each year.

SYNLawn Indiana offers artificial turf solutions that can endure the winter months with ease. Our innovative artificial grass not only withstands snowfall but also ensures a lush green lawn once the snow melts away. Engineered with advanced drainage capabilities and resistance to freezing and fading, our synthetic turf provides hassle-free maintenance and durability. Say goodbye to muddy tracks in your home, as our turf keeps your surroundings cleaner and more pristine year-round.

Normally, HOAs do not prefer some brands of artificial turf as they like to maintain lawn continuity and a high-quality appearance. We are happy to say that SYNLawn is loved by HOAs! Our artificial grass is among the most realistic synthetic turf in Indiana. So much so that it has tricked landscaping crews into thinking it was traditional grass. With so many options available, we can offer you a variety that is certain to match your neighborhood and contribute to neighborhood sustainability practices.

Commercial Artificial Turf

SYNLawn Indiana offers cutting-edge commercial artificial grass, an exceptionally popular landscape alternative for commercial installation. Our commercial-grade turf is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, is Class A fire-rated, and always remains beautiful. Installing it allows business owners to shift focus from lawn care while helping to ensure a strong first impression on customers. This investment frees up time and money for product/service improvement, making it a top choice for conventional grass replacement.

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Indiana Pet Grass

While not all pet turf solutions offer effective drainage, numerous innovations have emerged to address this issue. At SYNLawn Indiana, our pet turf systems feature our exclusive SuperDrain+™ technology, designed to facilitate efficient drainage upon contact with liquids. Enhanced by our EnviroLoc+™ backing system, which is renowned for its porous composition, our turf boasts an impressive drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This unparalleled drainage capability sets SYNLawn turf apart from other turf manufacturers.

Putting Greens

For decades, artificial turf has served as a reliable alternative for various sports applications. Our Indiana putting green turf stands out for its top-notch quality, crafted from premium materials and pure nylon fibers. Leveraging our exclusive Super Yarn™ technology and EnviroLoc+™ backing system, we produce some of the most robust and long-lasting turf tailored specifically for golfing. Collaborating with former NASA physicist and legendary short-game golf coach Dave Pelz, we have refined our turf to mimic the look and performance of traditional golf grass, making it capable of accommodating an array of golf shots, including chips, flop shots, drives, and more.

Renowned for its ability to elevate your short game and lower scores, our meticulously designed artificial putting green turf is unmatched in quality. Installed solely by our GreensMaster™ certified installers – a program established by Dave Pelz – our synthetic golf turf helps guarantee a uniform playing surface through ongoing training for skilled installers. With the aim of refining your short game and recovering the 80% of shots typically lost to par, SYNLawn Indiana golf turf stands as a premier option for avid golfers. Through proper installation techniques, our Precision Putt golf turf can run a 12 on the stimpmeter, just like many PGA-level greens.

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Commercial artificial grass playground installed by SYNLawn

Playground Turf & Athletic Fields

Significant efforts have been made in the development of playground turf and athletic surfaces to enhance safety. At SYNLawn Indiana, our primary focus is on ensuring maximum safety by rigorously testing our turf for factors such as fall height, muscle strain reduction, and injury prevention. We take pride in our safety certifications obtained from esteemed organizations, including IPEMA, ADA, CSA, HIC, and ASTM, underscoring our commitment to crafting playground turf that prioritizes safety for all users.

Infections like MRSA and other staph infections often stem from inadequate hygiene and poor maintenance of traditional turf or conventional grass.

At SYNLawn Indiana, we address this issue by incorporating highly effective antimicrobial properties such as Sanitized® and Envirofill® into our synthetic grass. These potent components not only deter bacteria from forming on our surfaces but also hinder the growth of algae, mold, mildew, and fungi, which are known to harbor bacteria. As a result, our synthetic grass has become a preferred choice for sports facilities and school administrators seeking to minimize the risk of bacterial infections.

The most recent advancements in artificial grass technology provide playgrounds and athletic fields with a multitude of options. Synthetic turf offers a high level of resistance to heavy foot traffic and adheres to stringent safety standards. At SYNLawn Indiana, we independently test our turf to make sure it satisfies fall height attenuations while helping to minimize common injuries and muscle strain.

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