SYNLawn® Sister Company AstroTurf® Collaborates with Perdue University to Revitalize Football Practice Field

In April 2021, Perdue University received a complete overhaul of its two 100-yard football training fields. The Bimel Complex located in West Lafayette, Indiana provides space for the Boilermakers and other athletes to hone their skills on world-class Indiana artificial turf for the 2021 season and beyond. SYNLawn® Indiana sister company AstroTurf® and friends, had the pleasure of installing their RootZone 3D3 artificial turf option to give the athletes a surface to train on that will withstand the brunt of intense practice and provide increased traction to prevent injuries.

In their history, the Boilermakers have had 64 winning seasons, including 19 with eight or more victories, 10 with more than nine victories, and one with more than ten. Purdue has won an amazing eight Big Ten Conference titles and had five undefeated seasons.

The quarterback training program at Perdue University is well-known for producing top-tier quarterbacks. Bob Griese, Mike Phipps, and Mark Herrmann have all been selected for inclusion into the College Hall of Fame, while Griese and Len Dawson have all been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Griese, Dawson, and Drew Brees have all gone on to win Super Bowls, making Purdue one of just two schools in the country with multiple quarterback champions.

RootZone is a texturized layer of fibers that draws down to enclose infill, producing less rubber splash, greater shock absorption, and less infill shifting than traditional systems. RootZone enhances safety, playability, and longevity, 3D systems and is the preferred choice of athletes and field owners alike. RootZone 3D3 Blend combines both durability and beauty by integrating three distinct fibers in one system. RootZone, Trionic Monofilament, and ultra-durable slit film. This is the most common AstroTurf® system.

Polyethylene and nylon molecules are fused into a copolymer and then extruded as a single fiber to make Trionic. This patent-pending technique combines polyethylene and nylon chemically to provide the softness of existing fibers with the strength, durability, and resilience of nylon.

RootZone benefits include grass-like traction with lower-extremity torque reduction, infill spray being used less frequently, attenuation of shocks consistently, and increased durability. Furthermore, the RootZone 3D3 Blend 60 oz. 2-inch grass from AstroTurf will be laid atop a Brock SP14 pad for enhanced shock absorption and stability. Together these products increase safety for athletes regardless of how hard they practice.

Additional benefits include:

  • Produced with unrivaled quality control.
  • 3D Decade systems come with a ten-year warranty that is not prorated.
  • For dimensional stability, a multi-ply main backing structure is used.
  • Optional soy based BioCel technology in a polyurethane secondary backing system
  • A variety of infill choices are available.

Perdue University is well equipped to take on future seasons of training. The University’s training facility will become home to many more future superstar athletes while maintaining its incredible appearance and reliability. In addition, athletes will be free to put forth their best effort without fear of injury and artificial turf means leaving maintenance behind. No longer will the university be required to do weekly upkeep on their fields, they will save thousands of gallons of water, and because there is no need for lawn equipment, their carbon footprint will be reduced. This means their fields will be optimal for practice throughout the entire year.

Much like SYNLawn®, AstroTurf® provides incredible customers service as well as precise and diligent installations. With 50 years of experience, AstroTurf® and SYNLawn® have paved the way for the artificial turf industry with no comparison by the competition. Our companies offer industry-leading patented breakthroughs in system design, production, and installation.

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