Is Artificial Grass Safe for Pets?

If you are considering SYNLawn® artificial grass for your home lawn, pet area, or dog run, you may be wondering if it is a pet-safe alternative to natural sod. We would love for you to know that SYNLawn® pet turf was specifically designed to be pet-friendly in every way possible. Everything from the materials used, to the exclusive technologies implemented in our turf. We love our canine family members infinitely, so our goal was to design and engineer the cleanest and safest k9 grass on the market.


All of the materials that go into the creation of our state-of-the-art pet turf are eco-friendly. Our artificial turf is made with 100% recyclable and plant-based components and enforced with our EnviroLoc™ backing system that is made from renewable soybeans. All our materials are lead-free, and no harmful chemicals are used in our turf.

Stain & Odor-Resistant

You still might be asking yourself: “Will pet urine stain artificial grass?” or “Will artificial grass smell with pets?” The good news is we have answers to those questions and solutions to those problems.
First, our exclusive synthetic grass was designed to be stain-free and eliminate the common lawn problem of brown and yellow patching. The design of our turf supports an optimal drainage rate of 90” per hour. Not only does it prevent muddy paws and keep pets clean, but it also prevents the pooling and puddling of pet urine that causes staining and odor.
Second, we use a highly effective odor-eliminating infill called Envirofill™ that reduces 80% of odors caused by pet waste. The combination of these features provides the perfect stain-free and odor-free lawn for you and your pets to enjoy together.

A Cleaner & Safer Environment for Your Pet

Fake grass for dogs also creates a cleaner and safer environment for lounging and playing outdoors. It keeps areas free of pests like fleas and ticks and prevents the spread of diseases. It also keeps small rodents like gophers and moles away. Our turfs enhanced durability even protects your lawn from destructive canines that have bad digging habits. Our plant-based EnviroLoc™ backing system that we mentioned earlier in this article, actually locks-in grass fibers so they can’t be pulled up from the lawn. This eliminates shedding and improves overall lawn resilience.
Our pet grass is so easy to clean and maintain. It does not require watering or mowing and will save you time and money on lawn care. To clean up after your pet is as easy as picking up the dog poop and hosing it off.

Exclusive Turf Technologies

Our new and exclusive technologies such as SuperYarn™ and HeatBlock™ technology offer additional features such as DualChill™ IR reflective technology, Statblock™ antistatic technology, and Sanitized® antimicrobial that eliminates 99% of microbes and removes odors caused by bacteria from pet waste. HeatBlock™ technology protects paws from hot surfaces by reducing heat absorption in the turf leaving surface temperatures comfortable through even the hottest of summers.
For more information on our artificial pet turf, contact us today (317) 744-9694.